shooting at the range

1.  Empty the powder measure when finished loading or you  will forget whats in it.

2.  Before you go and load a whole bunch of ammo.  Load just five and try them out.

3.  Make your own pet load chart.  It beats having to remember(first mistake)or look up your load again and just maybe reading the wrong line(second mistake))

4.  Don’t overdo crimping,it just crushes the casing and you will wonder why it won’t chamber.

5.  NEVER EVER NEVER mix gunpowders.  This practice is stupid and just proves that the factory really does know more than you. If you live through it, we’ll call you crip.

6.  Hot loads aren’t funny. If your cases won’t eject, extract or the cases split or blow out primers, BACK OFF ON THE POWDER BEFORE YOU GET SOMEBODY KILLED

6b. Put a multi-tool in your range bag, it helps in many stuck situations.

7.  Bullet pullers are worth their weight in gold compared to thrown away components.

8.  Check your scale for level every time you use it.  You can be off 2-5 tenths grain and not even know is.

9.  Max. loads usually aren’t the most accurate. About half way between min. and max. work the best for almost all powders.

10.  If the load manual calls for a powder with an H before the number, that is a Hodgdon powder not IMR. Example: H4895 is Hodgdon, 4895 is IMR

11.  Drinking and loading do not mix. If you drink and load, please inform the shooters around you so they can find a safe place to hide until you leave.

12.  No two loading manuals will agree on a particular load, it’s confusing to say the least.

13.  Don’t replace one bullet weight with a heavier one and use the same powder charge. (example)150 gr. 30.06  with 180 gr bullet, or heavier with lighter. Sounds like common sense but I have known more than one person who ruined a gun by doing it. Pressure is calculated in the manuals changing anything  changes everything. E. J. Mazza,   Ashland, KS.

14.  Here is a tip for you. Use the LEE factory crimp die, I talked to a friend one day and bought one for 44 mag.. It turned 2″ groups at 50 yards into 1″ groups. It really works I have since bought them for all caliber’s I reload, my 30.06 is a Remington 7400 autoloader and I shoot 1/2″ groups at 100 yards. after the crimp.  John Weller.

15. After you’ve dropped the powder in the 50 primed cases in your loading block, LOOK in each case with your bench light or a small flashlight and make sure the powder
levels ALL look the same, before you seat one bullet!

DUMBO OF THE DAY:  Someone brought in a RUGER MK77 in 243win to have a stuck bullet removed.  OK no big deal you say. Guess what? In the heat of the moment he has run out of ammo and his buddy hands him a 7.62×39 FMJ. The bolt latch bent but held and the casing was in about 15 pieces.  A tribute to RUGER, no bodily damage was done and the gun held together. PS  Since I was going to condemn the gun and send it to RUGER, this joker declined and had another buddy drill out the stuck bullet. yup you guessed it again, the chamber was nicked with the drill. This is a true story, I swear on my cowboy boots.

Got a reloading tip? E-mail it to me and if you want credit be sure to include your name and town/state